Cassidy Will Make You Feel Good

Are you looking for a Russian beauty? You know that Russian makes the best women, right? I used to work as a stripper in Las Vegas, because I was a stripper in Russia, but I learned that I like the Las Vegas massage industry much, much, much more. Working with Las Vegas escorts and doing Massage Las Vegas Style makes me so happy. Russian is my Mother tongue, but I learned English years ago and I speak it well. I still have a bit of an accent, if you don’t mind.

My name’s Cassidy 🙂 What’s Yours? 😉

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5ft 6in

Hair: Brunette

Ethnicity: Russian

Language: English and Russian

Weight: 130

Cup Size: B Cup

Naked Massage Las Vegas Style

You probably hear a lot about Massage Last Vegas style on this NURU website, and that it because us girls do it better than any others. Escpecially me. I loooove giving naked massages. I get to rub my boobs over you and use my whole body to make your whole body feel amazing. Do you know how good it feels to be hot and oiled up with a woman like me? I’ll bring the oil and the NURU gel, the tits and the ass, you bring… You. I promise you’ll look back on your Las Vegas massage with… Fond memories for ever. Thinking about it will probably even make you all hot again. But that’s okay, I’m always here. Call me up if you get all hot, and I’ll come keep you up all night. Bring me into your hotel room, let me show you the meaning of feeling good, and tell me your desires.

Business Meetings…!

You know what’s nice? Having a hot babe with you at a business meeting or dinner. I’m that hot babe. I’ll wow your coworkers by being sexy, sophisticated, exotic and smart. Then, you can bring me back to your hotel room for a Las Vegas massage. Las Vegas escorts like me are just the best company for business meetings and dinners and if you’ve never had one of us with you, do try it. I… I really want you to try it with me. But, don’t be surprised if my hand is under the table touching you every now and then! Only if I can get away with it, of course, but I get very excited being next to men who I get to massage later.

Want Me Yet?

Do you want me? I bet you do, and if you don’t, I can change that. Give me two seconds with my hands touching you. Anywhere. And you’ll want me forever. Or at least, for as long as you’re in Vegas. Plus… Do you have a wife or girlfriend? I’ll give her a naked massage Las Vegas style too…. I love women as much as you do. I really, really do. Just watch to see what I do to them. And if you don’t have a woman, book a second one for me to… gush over.


Have you ever been with a russian women? They know to keep you warm at night! And they’re not scary at all. Her kinda there accent is hot and she was so sexy. Oh, and she gives the best NURU massage in Las Vegas.