Nuru Massage FAQs

FAQs About Erotic NURU Massages Las Vegas

You made it here to our site to browse our information and learn more about the erotic NURU massages Las Vegas outcall services provide. You’re pumped up and ready to give it a try. Before you do so, let us share some of the questions our clients have asked us over the years. This will help to make your experience completely relaxed and stress-free.

General Info:

How does NURU massage Las Vegas work?

NURU massage is a full body erotic massage in Las Vegas that you cannot get from a regular massage parlor. It involves the use of a slick massage oil that is rubbed down all over your body. It also involves a sexy masseuse who uses her own nude body to rub you down. The process is fun, yet messy. The feeling of a woman’s body on yours with only the oil between you leads to a fantasy-ridden session. 

Do you provide male massage artists or just female?

At this time, all of our massage artists are female. This does not mean we won’t add male staff in the future, however. For right now, we have such a wonderful staff full of adept, female providers, that we do not feel the need to add men onboard. 

Can I book a massage with a different girl every day I am in town?

Of course, you can! Our workers are diverse in every way and you’ll find each session different from the last. There’s no better way to experience erotic NURU massages in Las Vegas style than with bookings with our gorgeous women.

How are you different than massage parlors in Las Vegas?

We are different from massage parlor sessions because our women come right to you rather than you going to them. This is one of the best in-room massage services you can receive. We offer adult entertainment instead of just massages as you would get at parlors. This means you’ll feast your eyes on sexy nude women in addition to feeling the relaxation she provides with the massage. There’s no better way to receive a massage than one intertwined with naughtiness!

Can I pass on your services to friends I know will be visiting Nevada?

Word of mouth is what has made us such a successful business and we really appreciate each and every referral given! Pass the word at will!

I travel to Nevada several times a year, how do I schedule the same massage girl in advance, for each visit?

Reach out to us via email or phone call. Just let us know the name of the massage girl you want your body rubs to be given by and we will check on her schedule. As soon as you know the dates of your visit, contact us. Some of our women are sought after in high demand and we want to make sure your luscious lady is ready for your arrival!

What if the massage artist I like is unavailable, can you match me with another girl I will like as much or better?

If you receive your NURU massage in Las Vegas from a particular provider each time, and she isn’t available for a session, we have plenty of backup massage artists on standby to give you the relaxing event you desire. The benefits of a full body massage can’t be missed out on. We’ll match personalities and looks to the woman you usually use and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself wanting both the next time you are in the city!

Can I order two massage girls at one time even if it is just for me?

You can order as many massage girls as your heart desires! We had a client order twenty at one time once! He enjoyed the touch of several different women, one after another! While this is not the norm, we do have clients who order two or three Las Vegas NURU massage artists for their sessions. Again, diversity brings along the increased chances of a Las Vegas happy ending massage session. 

I am traveling to Las Vegas with a friend, can we both book massages?

You are more than welcome to share the experience of NURU massage in Vegas with a friend or partner. This is one of the best couples massages Las Vegas has to offer. The session is fantasy-based and we find that nude couple massage experiences are one of our most requested services. Share the fun with someone you care about without even leaving your hotel room!

Is my personal information safe if I use NURU Massage Las Vegas’ services?

Any information you provide to us is used for payment processing. We do not pass along your identification to outside services. Your session is completely discrete. If you pay via a payment processing service, you don’t even need to provide us with your real name if you do not want to.

Will I be busted by police for getting NURU Massage or a Happy Ending massage in my room?

Nope! What happens behind closed doors is your private business. Our business provides a valid service… erotic massage in Las Vegas. We do not promote any other type of service. The payment you make to us is for adult entertainment in the form of massage. Anything that happens beyond that is without a monetary exchange for a service. This means if two consenting adults decide to go a bit further, it is a private matter. There is no worry about any type of police activity when you set up a session with one of our women.

Am I safe? I have heard bad stories from friends who used Vegas massage parlors.

You are safer when you hire an outcall service to provide you with a massage than if you went to a massage parlor. A massage parlor involves the outside public. You never know who will be hanging out in the building during your session. When you hire the best rated nuru outcall massage Las Vegas has to offer, you’ll have premiere service from a professional massage artist. This includes adult entertainment. That isn’t something that happens at a regular massage parlor, which means these establishments are more likely to be raided by police for providing illegal services. We pride ourselves on being completely discrete. You’ll enjoy a rubdown from a sexy woman, completely in private. 


What is the cost if I want the services of NURU Massage Las Vegas for an entire evening?

If you want to know how much is a NURU massage in Las Vegas, all you need to do is call or email us so we can give you a quote. Prices vary depending on the type of massage you request, the amount of time you want to spend with your massage artist, and the woman you select to be your provider. We are competitive in the market and each penny is well worth the cost!

How do I pay for the service?

We accept all major credit and debit card payments for service, as well as independent payment providers. Check out the details on our main page before scheduling an appointment.

What if I am unsatisfied with my experience?

We want nothing more than for you to walk away from your experience completely ready to spread the word to your friends about how exciting it was. The best massage service in Las Vegas. If this is not the case, reach out to us, and we will work with you on scheduling a repeat session.

How does tipping for a massage usually work in the Las Vegas area?

Our girls love tips and are extremely appreciative when they are provided after an individual or couples in room NURU sensual massage service takes place. Decide what you believe the service was worth and pay your provider in cash afterward. Tips are certainly not required, but they are appreciated!


Will my massage artist be okay with photographs?

You can ask your massage artist if she would allow you to capture images. Some of our women are more than willing to pose, while others prefer you keep their faces out of any pictures you take. You can take photographs of their bodies though! They love showing those off! If you want to take a selfie shot of you and your massage artist, that is also a doable action! You’ll be able to relive your experience again and again if you have this photograph ready to look at whenever you want. We ask that you talk to your provider first before you whip out the camera though. It’s the polite thing to do.

May I request the type of attire the massage girl(s) should wear?

If you have a specific desire regarding attire, let us know at the time you book your massage. We have women who really enjoy dressing up and playing the part of any type of role you wish. You’ll be stunned by some of the flashy, sexy, revealing, and unique outfits our massage artists have in their possessions! There’s absolutely something for everyone here!

Besides attire, can I request massage aids or other special accommodations?

Just as with attire, our women love bringing along props to boost the fun factor during a sexy NURU massage. If you have ideas, we would love to hear them! Reach out via email or phone call and your stunning massage artist will show up with the props ready to be used!

Do massage girls speak foreign languages?

We have many massage artists working for us who speak multiple languages. If you require a specific language, let us know, and we will aid with the selection of a massage girl who speaks it. If you want to hire a massage girl who does not speak your language, we can provide a translator to come along for the session. She’ll even join in, giving you the advantage of experiencing two women providers at once!

I want a Las Vegas GFE date, do you provide that service?

We sure do! Your erotic massage in Las Vegas will be given to you by a woman who plays the part of being your partner. You’ll have a hard time believing she isn’t your real-life girlfriend by the time your session comes to an end. This enhances the thrills and connection between you and your sexy massage artist. We think you’ll love this service!

Will my massage artist have a drink with me?

Most of our Las Vegas NURU massage artists enjoy having a cocktail or two before they get started with a session. This helps to relax them and you, and gives you a chance to converse together before you get down to business. If you want to bring your massage artist out on the town beforehand, she’ll enjoy dressing up and enjoying entertainment with you. You can also provide alcoholic beverages to your massage artist in the seclusion of your room or home if you wish.

I live in Las Vegas, can I set a weekly recurring massage with one of the massage girls?

 If you want to set up scheduled sessions with the same massage girl, you need to first let us know so we can tweak her schedule to suit your needs. Though we are open 24 hours, some of our women are already on strict schedules with other clients, making it difficult to accommodate others as a result. If a favorite massage girl is already booked up in this manner, we will work with you on a price and time/date structure that works for both of you. We go out of our way to make sure each of our clients is happy with the time they have with their favorites. There is nothing that cannot be changed, and we encourage you to let us know your situation, so we can help you with a tailored program with the massage artist of your choice.