I appreciate you stopping by to learn more about me.

I tend to have a lot of clients to keep track of, so if you are interested in having a date with me, please reach out as soon as possible to set up a meeting time. It’s tough to make last-minute dates because I’m pretty popular. If you like what we do together, we can book another one right away so you don’t have to worry about being shut out!

Bring Connie out on the town and back to your place.

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5ft 2in

Hair: Brown

Ethnicity: American

Language: English

Weight: 118

Cup Size: DD Cup

I Love Business Events

Yes, I may look young, but I love the corporate world and all that it entails. Many of my clients are business men who need dates for company events. I enjoy these tremendously and I will dress up in a stunning outfit for the occasion. I know better than to wear anything that screams out “ESCORT”. Your colleagues will believe me to by your girlfriend, fiancee, wife, or friend. Whatever you tell me to say or do, I’m on it. I will keep conversations interesting and you can bet your coworkers will be keeping their eyes upon me. You’ll be the guy who everyone wishes they could be!

Let’s Spend Time Out

I also enjoy going out on the town. This isn’t mandatory, but it sure is fun. I especially like going to casinos. I have a knack of winning whenever I go. I’ll be your lady luck if you want to give your try at some games. If you would rather have dinner, a few drinks, or do some clubbing, I’m totally into that as well. Let’s learn more about each other during this time!

Hotel Time Is The Best

You’ll get to experience the real me when we get to your hotel room. That’s when I’ll come alive. My intentions are to keep you interested and totally excited with my presence. Whatever you see on this profile…that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll get to touch all that I’m showing you here. I really enjoy that. I will top off our date with a full body massage. Have you ever had a nude woman give you one before? A Las Vegas nude massage is the best! Take my word for it, I give the best sensual massage in Las Vegas. I’m hoping you’ll reach out to me and make that date soon!