Gabrielle Wants To Get Closer

Sooooo… I’m super nervous and excited about writing this bio!!! I am new among Las Vegas girls and before now, I was only a stripper!! I mean, I love stripping, but sometimes you just want to get closer to customers and you totally can’t in a strip club. It’s just so… Grrr! I don’t like being held back from being close to people! I’m an excitable girl and I can’t help it if I get excited when men pay attention to me! I just doooooo. It’s who I am, and I want to be me! For you… 😉 😉

Hi there!!!! I’m Gabrielle and I’m the BEST damn Las Vegas girl you’re ever going to meet!!!!

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5ft 5in

Hair: Blonde!

Ethnicity: White

Language: English!

Weight: 120

Cup Size: D Cup

Let Me In!

If you’ve ever sat around and wondered when you’ll bring girls to your room Las Vegas style, then you’re at the right website, Mister!! I want you to bring me to your room. Heck, bring a bunch of girls direct to your room!! I don’t mind partying with other girls at all!! Why do you think I stripped? I mean, yeah, I love guys and attention, but I also got PAID TO WATCH GIRLS IN STRIP CLUBS!! Helllooooo? Does it get better than that? Watching sexy, slinky babes grinding on poles, touching themselves and looking H.O.T., while getting paid? That’s like… Heaven. Until, like I said, a customer gets me all excited and I can’t do anything about it!! I mean, sure, I can go backstage and polish my pearl or whatever, but that’s not the same as being excited with a customer!

Room Service, Baby!!

I’ll be your room service! Let’s stay in, order a pizza, toss on the TV to give some background noise and then…. Do bad stuff!! I want to dance for you, grind on you and TURN YOU ON! Ever seen a girl do the splits on your lap? Do you want to? Bring me to your room! Room service doesn’t get better than Gabrielle, baby! I will also give you the best adult massage in Las Vegas.

More Than One Girl? Yes, Please!!

If you get me AND another girl, I’ll be… Let’s just say that excited doesn’t begin to cover it! I’ll be… I really don’t think I can describe it. You’d have to feel it coming from me, in person. Order 10 girls to your room Las Vegas style, or just two girls direct to your room! Me and that sexy thing that you have open on the other page! C’monnnnnn, you know you want to watch me get excited over that hot little thing you were eyeing! Let’s watch her dance TOGETHER!!!

Seriously, You Need Me In Your Life!!!!

Who doesn’t need a bit of Gabrielle, I’m the most excitable Las Vegas Girl you’ll ever meet! And I’m hot! And I can dance! Let’s be friends 😉 😉 I want to know you!! Book me! Send me to your room! Do bad things! It’s allllll good in Vegas! Alsooooooo…. Did I mention that I’ll go ANYWHERE with you in Vegas? And that I do Bachelor Parties!!!?!?! Let’s PLAY.


I highly recommend Gabrielle. I’m an older guy, without much energy, but she revitalized me pretty darn quick. That energy…I could hardly keep up with the little minx. Get her, you won’t be sorry. And tip her well, she deserves it.

– JDWhite