I’m ready for a date.

As you can see, I’m a blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty ready to hire for your personal date. I really enjoy going out on the town and will make you feel appreciated at all times. I’m a spontaneous type of person, so I may have some surprises along the way.

Kaitlyn is not at all shy about sharing herself with you.

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5ft 4in

Hair: Blonde

Ethnicity: American

Language: English

Weight: 125

Cup Size: C Cup

I Love Spending Time With Men

I’m not into dating women (sorry girls!) so if you are looking for someone of the same sex as yourself, you’ll have to move on to one of my coworkers. I’m totally into the male species. I love men of all ages, so that is not a factor whatsoever. I particularly enjoy it when a gentleman goes out of his way to make me feel appreciated. A few nice words go a long way! I do however not mind spending time with couples. I will tend to the female partner equally to the male. I give a great Las Vegas couples massage!

I May Seem Shy At First

When we first meet, you may think I’m a bit shy. I usually stay reserved while we are out and about. I don’t want others to know much about me. That’s all for you to find out when we get back to your place! I do converse, don’t get me wrong. You won’t feel like you are on a date with someone who is ignoring you! I just tend to stay away from showing public displays of affection. What we have to share should be kept just for ourselves. Also, waiting until we are alone will make the experience so much better because I bet both of us will be ready and raring to go after spending time together where we aren’t really hanging all over each other.

I Love Showing Off My Body

I know I have a great looking body. I work hard at keeping it that way. We are talking about going to the gym at least five times a week and eating right. I love to exercise! Since I have made my body as perfect as I possibly can, I want to show it off. I love stripping as a part of the lead up to intimacy. I’ll want you totally involved too. That means helping me take off my clothing for me, as well as touching me as much as you can. I can’t wait until we can do this in private. It’s one of my favorite parts of my dates. From there, anything goes!