Li Gives An Excellent Las Vegas Asian Massage

Hello!!! My name is Li and from China, I come for you to give you my Las Vegas Asian massage! I am a lovely woman with sexy body and I want to show it off for you!! I speak three languages well and I can talk to you in English, Spanish or my native voice, Mandarin Chinese. I was raise in China, but I come to USA for opportunity and happiness! I am a small and tiny Chinese woman who loves the big, strong American men here in Las Vegas. I am one of the Las Vegas call girls here to serve your needs and I want to make you happy! Anything you want, you can ask from me, I promise!! Please ask and tell me what you want from me and I will make all of your wildest dreams a realization!!

My name is Li and from China I come for you.

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5ft 1in

Hair: Black

Ethnicity: Chinese

Language: Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish

Weight: 100

Cup Size: D Cup

My Special Asian Massage Las Vegas Way!

Have you ever had Asian massages from Asian escorts before? They are relaxing and they will make your wildest dreams come to life! I will give you my Las Vegas Asian massage over and over and over until you have been happier than you ever have been before!! Please let me show you how my hands will move across your body and how I will rub my body on yours for your wildest pleasures. I love making big, strong American men happy! I will do whatever you want me to do because I want you to smile and relax with ultimate happiness! Please let me show you my ways of Asian massage and how I will use my hands and body to make you feel at ease!

What Do You Want To Do To Me?

Please just tell me what you want to do on our special date night and I will make your dreams a realization. I am one of the best Las Vegas call girls because I want your happiness and vitality! If you would like to go to casinos or hotels or restaurants, I will happily be on your arm, by your side and as close to you as possible!! I want to be close to you so that your body is hot and warm with happiness for me! What do you want to do to me? Whatever it is, you can do it on our very special date night! And then, I will give you extra special Las Vegas Asian massage to make your eyes roll with the ultimate levels of happiness!

Full Chinese Experiences!!

One of the reasons why I am one of the best Las Vegas escort girls is because I am the full Chinese experience! There is nothing I can not do for you and I will show you how very much I appreciate your companies! I am the way to your wildest dreams and you will love my full Chinese services! Please, I love meeting big, strong American men who want the Chinese experience and I want to meet you too!


Hello Li!!! It’s me, Mike! I enjoyed our very sweet night and your conversation! Please don’t forget me, I’ll be back to have a good time with you again in about a month!! Until then, think of me and our night, okay??

– MJ776