Olivia Is Such A Joy, Don’t Miss Out

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my page. My name’s Olivia and I’ll be your entertainment for whatever night you want me. I’m a laid back girly who came to Vegas to… You guessed it! Be among the hot Las Vegas escorts! I like relaxing and giving massages. Seriously, those are my two favorite things. I’m hot, and I exercise to stay hot, but I wish I could get hot by laying around in a comfy bed (naked) and giving men massages. If you’re up for indulging me in my favorite things, I’ll give you the best Las Vegas in room massage you’ve ever had! I just want to massage you in bed. Where I can straddle you (for leverage, of course) and rub alllll over you 😉

Want a sexy, laid back girl? You’ve found her. Let’s cuddle. 😉 😉

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5ft 3in

Hair: Brunette

Ethnicity: American

Language: English (some Spanish)

Weight: 120

Cup Size: C Cup

In Room Massage Las Vegas Style

Don’t go to massage parlors looking for an erotic massage. Ever had an in room massage Las Vegas style? If yes, I’ll do it better. If no, then you’re missing out. Las Vegas in room massage services are to DIE for! You’ll tell me your hotel room, I’ll show up lookin’ hot, and then you’ll let me in. (Or… Will I let YOU in? I can’t remember… Probably both. You let me in the door, I return the favor.) Then, it’s skin-to-skin time. Sexy cuddle time. Hot massage time. Las Vegas sex massage time. Whatever you call it, that’s what I’ll do. Or, y’know, since I’m your entertainment, I’ll pretty much do whatever you want me to do. I just want to spend time with people and get to know them. If you’re not up for cuddling, I’ll live. I might pout, which always gives me my best DSL (If you don’t know… Don’t ask. Or Google it.). But that’s just for effect. Like I said, I’m laid back. And I’ll lay back wherever you want me to, baby.

Girlfriend Experience

You might have noticed that I like humor. I’m also light hearted, fun and flirty. What better girl to take on a date? I can be Ms. Prim (&) Proper to meet the folks or I can just be your laid back gamer girlfriend. Whatever you want. Either way, I’ll slip in some word play, you can slip fun stuff in too, and we’ll have a blast. Just give me a shot. You might never want a non-professional girlfriend again.

Bachelor Parties!!

I’m a stripper in addition to my escort job. Why? Because when I mentioned that I work out earlier, I was referring to my work on the pole. (Trust me, it’s a workout…) Why? Well, I’ll level with you, I like lounging around so much that the only way I’ll workout is if I’m paid to do it. I’m not lazy, but I AM smart. When was the last time you got paid to work out? Anyway, I dance like a sex machine and I’ll wow anyone at your special bachelor party! (Or bachelorette party…)

Let’s Cuddle!

I’m smart, silly, sexy, funny and confident. That’s a rare combination, if you don’t mind my saying so. I’ll make you giggle alllll night long. And I’ll make you do other things, too. Or you can make me do other things. Or both. Either way… Let’s cuddle.


WOWOW! LOL She’s so much fun! I’m a fun guy, but OLIVIA topped me! She left my abs sore the next day, if yaknowwhatimean…. Anyway, leaving a review for a escort is weird, but she so deserves it. This girl could be a nude comedian. 

– Anon