Chocolate Is Not The Only Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is known for the universal symbol of love…the heart

When this great holiday rolls around, symbolism comes into play in abundance to show recipients of gifts that your intention is to keep them close to you. There’s usually no mistaking when someone loves another, but if there is doubt at all, try using one of these ideas to convey your message appropriately. If you are currently not in a relationship with another, you can still try these points in an attempt to win over another, so they become your permanent love interest.

Place Treasures In A Box To Give To Someone You Care About

You can usually find heart-shaped boxes at craft stores, and they are relatively inexpensive. They are usually available in glass, plastic, or wood mediums. Pick up some paint or craft supplies and decorate the box you select so it is personalized to your liking. You can place your initials and your partner’s initials inside the heart to signify your connection. You don’t have to be elaborate with the gifts you place inside your box as the heart itself will show the meaning of the gift to the person receiving it. Think small stuffed animals, costume jewelry, or other trinkets. You can even write out your own “coupons” to give to your partner giving them a free massage or free cuddle session with you in front of the television whenever she wishes. 

Use Your Clothing As An Indication

Pick up a plain sweatshirt from a local store and use fabric paint to draw a heart on the front portion. Inside you can write out your Valentine’s message to your loved one. If you aren’t sure about wording, you can always opt for a picture of yourself and your partner to show off to others. On Valentine’s Day, wear red or pink to show others you are festive for the holiday. If you don’t want to be blatant with the clothing you select, stick with a pair of red or pink socks peeking out underneath your trousers. You can usually find socks with heart-shaped patterns upon them right around Valentine’s Day in many clothing stores. 

Use The Body To Show Off Your Appreciation

You can use your body to show someone else you are completely interested in them on a level beyond friendship. Use temporary tattoos of hearts to place on your calves, upper back, or arm and reveal them to your significant other at an appropriate time. Point them out if she doesn’t see them right away. You can also write her name on your body with a marker or have her do it herself. Wear jewelry with your partner’s name on it. Try wearing a pin with your partner’s picture on it as well. If you want to try a naughtier approach, give yourself a trim to reveal the symbolism of the holiday to your partner. Or give your partner a trim and dye!