Try Something New

If You Partake In The Same Activities Day After Day,

it is likely you will at some point become bored. People need to spice up their lives with the trying of new things, the meeting of new people, and a change of atmosphere. If you are ready for the challenge, contacting us for an exciting Nuru massage may be exactly what you need to discover something totally out of the ordinary.

Getting Ready For Your Session

The first step in getting a Nuru massage is to pick out your personal masseuse. This is an easy task as we provide information about each of our women right on our website. Take a look at the profiles provided, read some interesting features about each lady available, and take in the pictures to help you decide what look you enjoy most. Reach out to us to book a session with the lady of choice, and we will make sure she shows up on time according to your schedule.

Get To Know Your Masseuse A Bit

To help you relax into your massage session, some time conversing with your date is necessary. If you don’t want to get right into the massage portion of your date, you can bring your escort out on the town for some entertainment first. This will help you in getting to know your date’s personality. You’ll feel much more at ease when you get back to your place for your massage, and you’ll have the bonus of having fun with someone who knows the area as well.

Strip Down And Get Ready

Nuru massage is best when you AND your date are totally nude. That is what makes it exhilarating and what helps to relax your muscles. To prepare, your masseuse will protect your bed with a waterproof sheet. This is because special oils are used during the massage process…and not just a dab. The more lotion used, the better. Let your date help you strip down for the process. She’ll give you a striptease to get you into the mood and you can both get comfortable for the procedure ahead.

Get Ready For Something You’ll Never Forget

Your personal masseuse will provide you with pure bliss from the moment she lays her hands on you. You’ll be thrilled when she lubes your body with her special massage oil, gets onboard, and slides her way back and forth over your body. The feeling is one that you will treasure and it is unlike anything you have experienced in the past. Are you ready for a massage with no rules in play? One where you can enjoy the touch of another with no strings attached? If so, give us a call and set up an appointment for a date today.