Massage Happy Endings

Whether you are new or seasoned at hiring outcall services to provide sexy women for your pleasure, you may not know exactly what a “happy ending” means. You may have heard the term and had your suspicions, but are they correct? Here we will break down happy endings, teach you what a real happy ending massage entails, and help you select the experience that is most likely to lead you to this blissful state.

The term “happy ending” has been around for many, many years. When you watch a movie with a happy ending, you leave the theater in a good mood, feeling as if you can take on the world. It gives a better perspective on life and makes you feel as if you can make a difference to humanity. A happy ending in a book gives the same results. What about when you engage your time with a partner though? What does a happy ending mean in this case?

A happy ending is a natural feeling that you get. It happens on its own, regardless of the type of activity you share with a partner. When you hire an outcall service worker to spend time with you, she will do her best to pamper you and make you feel as if you are the only person in the world she wants to be with. With this comes plenty of adult entertainment actions. These can include stripteasing, fetish play, role play, BDSM, a girlfriend experience, massage of any type (NURU, tantra, sexual), or just a plain and simple conversation. Any of these actions can lead to a happy ending if the atmosphere is right, the woman matches your desires, and you keep an open mind.

During a happy ending experience, you’ll feel your body relax to a state of complete satiation. Many people think that a happy ending means you orgasm due to the actions your partner shares with you…and that certainly can happen, but it does not need to. You can still have a happy ending without this. A happy ending is not only physical but also mental. It is a connection with someone else, awareness of your mental state, and an understanding of oneself. It starts with touch and sensuality and leads to relaxation and release…the happy ending!

A full body massage with a happy ending is an experience you will never forget. The power of touch from your outcall massage partner leads to the relaxation you need to have the happy ending. The entire session is like playing with dominos…once the first one falls, the others follow. Once that touch begins, the relaxation is next, followed by the end state. It is difficult to describe in its entirety as the process is different for everyone.

If you are interested in getting to that happy ending state, you need to start with a woman who meets your desires perfectly. Pick out someone that you feel you can be yourself with. Look through pictures to see if you have a connection physically with one of the available massage artists. Read over the information to determine whether she is into the same likes and dislikes as you are. From here, book a session with her.

What happens next? That is totally up to you and your partner. For a real happy ending massage to occur, you need to start with some flirtation and a lot of touching. Explore your date’s body in full. Let her do the same to you. Let your inhibitions go out the window. You want that end state, remember? Let your date know what you are feeling at any time during her time with you. This will alert her on how to respond. Add a NURU massage, complete with slick oil and a naked woman straddling your body. Tempt yourself with an erotic massage with happy ending hopes lurking around the corner. 

As long as you stay relaxed and open to anything, that feeling will come naturally. You cannot focus on it. You have to let it happen at its own pace. Enjoy each touch, take in all views, and share your feelings. That is the best way to get to the end feeling you seek.

A happy ending massage feels good. It puts you into a state of relaxation. Like most experiences at massage parlors, it helps with the reduction of stress in your life. These are the main benefits people enjoy when they have a happy ending massage. They also allow for entertainment in a private setting. No one needs to know what you are doing with your partner…it is just you and her. A full body massage is not just physical, but also emotional. It reduces anxiety and puts you in a darn good mood!

More About Happy Ending Massages

Have we intrigued you with all this talk about happy ending massages? We sure hope so! We know how beneficial they are to the body and mind and really want you to experience this yourself. Here are a few FAQs our clients have asked us to help you understand a little further.

Of course, you can! The more the merrier! With two or more people at your beck and call, you have a better chance at the happy ending feeling. You’ll have more than one person in tune with your desires!

A full body massage like this is even more exhilarating when you share it with someone you truly love. Let your partner’s sighs of happiness lead you to your own. 

You need to remember to relax throughout your time with your date. Let her be the one in control if possible. She has been through this before and knows the right sensual touches to get you where you need to be. You need to trust her! If you truly aren’t feeling a connection with your date, contact us and we will send you a replacement right away. We just encourage you to be open at first. This will greatly boost your chances of getting the outcall massage experience to lead to the happy ending you want to feel.

We are there to answer any questions you have about massage with happy ending chances! Give us a call or send an email to find out more about us!