Foot Fetish

Usually, when the term “foot massage” is spoken, a person tends to think about someone touching their feet to provide them with relaxation. Foot massages, however, can also mean the provision of a massage with the feet of another person being the tools used to relax the muscles. If you have a foot fetish, you are likely concerned about where you will find a massage artist who provides this type of service. We are proud to have several foot fetish pornstars on our staff with plenty of experience giving massages with their feet!

Those with foot fetishes are often shy about letting others know. Where would one begin to to look for a massage therapist that specializes in foot play? Its not like foot worship is advertised everywhere. We understand. Our girls understand. We assure you that our massage artists are professionals who use their lovely feet, either bare or adorned with stockings, to massage your body up and down in all the right places. One of our girls foot massage sessions is sure to send you into a frenzy!

Your foot massager will show up at the location you specify when a rubdown suits you best. She will be dressed to impress, but that clothing will not stay in place for long! Before you know it, you’ll be rubbed down by a completely nude massage artist who uses her sexy feet to do the work. You’ll have an up-close experience with the feet you so desperately want to touch. Your provider will be more than happy to comply in allowing you to do so. She will also make sure your body is completely relaxed with a massage unlike any other you’ve ever had before.

Any type of body massage you can think of is provided by our sexy massage artists. They can also be done with feet being the tools that do the work of massaging. 

Most certainly can! Whether you enjoy small feet, large feet, toenails of a specific length, bare feet, stockings, pantyhose, or Cuban heel stockings, you have the power to make a request for a woman who has these attributes. We have women from all walks of life available to select from, and this includes foot features.

Most of our foot massagers love having their feet touched. We suggest asking your private massager artist before doing so…it’s polite!

You sure can! Just book two massage artists when you call us to schedule a session. We’ll send both over to your location to give you a massage you’ll never forget.

We love it when a couple decides to hire a massage artist to take away their troubles for a session. It gives each participant the benefit of seeing and hearing their loved one enjoy themselves. If your partner has a foot fetish, or if you have one, and you would like to explore it further with your partner at your side, our foot fetish massage artists are definitely a help. Call us to set up a session for you both, and you’ll soon find out how much fun it is to share your experience with someone you care about.

As a newcomer, we welcome you! Your session will be one you’ll enjoy tremendously. You can expect a beautiful massage artist showing up at your door, ready to show you that massages in private are much more fun and thrilling than going to a parlor. Your massage artist will ask you questions about your likes and dislikes, and she will lead the way if you are apprehensive at all. She will rub her feet along your body, moving them along key areas, and providing you with sensations you didn’t even know were possible. The entire experience is enjoyable and full of mystery. There’s nothing at all to be afraid of and we assure you, you’ll enjoy the foot massage more than you thought possible.