Juniper Is A Lady’s Woman

Specializing In Erotic Massage For Women Las Vegas

Hello there, friends! My name is Juniper, and I am an escort who specializes in giving massages to my clients. I am not only available to men, I am also a favorite among the female population in the area! I have one client who makes sure she gets her sexy massage every single month. I have been providing them to her for well over four years, and I do not foresee stopping anytime soon! Here is what happens when my client and I get together.

I Am Instructed About Desires Before The Appointment

My client will call me about a week before she arrives in town for her massage. She will let me know if there are any specific details I should have prepared for her session. Sometimes she asks me to wear particular clothing and others she will request that I bring along a special oil to try on her body. We have tried role-playing many times when we get together. It is so much fun and it makes the session so more interesting for us both!

I Show Up For The Session, But We Have Some Other Fun First

Before I get down to massaging my client, she usually wants to go out on the town first. She loves showing me off to her friends, and many of them have started calling our service to make their own appointments with some of my coworkers. My client specifically asked that I am reserved for her, however. She doesn’t want to share me with people she knows. When I show up dressed to the nines, we usually head out to a fancy restaurant for a fine dinner and then work off that meal at an entertaining nightclub. We have also been known to frequent strip clubs when we are feeling exceptionally frisky!

The Best Part Of The Date Arrives And We Share An Intimate Time Together

When we get back from wherever we decide to go, we slowly get to the massage my client so desperately wants. I usually strip for her before I give her a massage. This gets us both in the mood for what is to come and it enhances the overall experience my client will obtain. She helps me strip down and I instruct her to do the same and get on her bed for the massage I am to provide. I like to straddle my client’s back with my own nude body. I knead her muscles will my adept skill and tend to any areas where she is feeling pain or discomfort. When we are all done with the massage, we usually cuddle and talk for a while. It’s a great date for both of us and I look forward to our monthly meetings!