Ella Goes Abroad

I’m Ella and I’m an escort who loves being there for my clients.

I’ve been told I’m a compassionate woman, and I have to agree because I tend to think about my clients even when we aren’t together. I have a lot of repeat clients and if you book a date with me, you will figure out why! I’d like you to be a repeat client as well. Read on to learn about a date I had with a client that led me to another country.

My Client Intrigued Me From The Start

I received a phone call from a gentleman who asked me if he could book me for services that spanned several days. As a first time customer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Did he want me all for himself for that long without even meeting me? I told him I would be happy to comply, but that we would need to have a meet and greet first so I got to know him better beforehand. He was¬†understanding and we actually met up that evening.

I was wondering to myself what would be in store for me if I was to stay with one client for a long amount of time. Would he be happy with my services? Would I be able to keep him entertained for that long?

We Met And I Learned The Details

We decided to meet up at a coffee shop for dessert. This isn’t the normal place that escorts meet up with clients, and that thrilled me. I just wanted everything to feel comfortable and it certainly did. The date was perfect! We talked and I learned about my client’s desires. He had recently broken up with his longtime girlfriend. She actually dumped him for someone else. They had plans to fly to an island for a romantic getaway. The hotel was paid for, the tickets were in his hand, and he still wanted to go. He asked if I was game. Boy, was I! He was handsome and he intrigued me so much. I couldn’t wait to go!

We Had The Time Of Our Lives

The flight was for the following week. I rearranged some dates I had with other clients, and I was ready for a trip full of relaxation and romance. We started with some time on a nude beach away from crowds where we could see each other’s bodies in a setting that just exuded romance. We decided to have some pampering with private massages right on the beach. Afterward, we used the techniques we had learned and expanded upon them by massaging each other back in our hotel room. We had some of the best cuisines ever! We danced the nights away. We had romantic walks along the beach at nighttime. When I got back from this vacation, I felt so rejuvenated and relaxed. It really helped to take away the stress I was feeling and I made an awesome connection in the process. This client contacts me often and whisks me away whenever I feel like getting away for a few days!