If you are interested in an exhilarating experience complete with adult entertainment and relaxation, and you want your significant other to join in on the fun, consider getting a erotic couples massage Las Vegas visitors are known to enjoy to the fullest. You’ve come to the right place to find out all about what is entailed with a couple massage, and we look forward to booking a session at your convenience.’

A nude couples massage is not the type of erotic massage experience you can order at a spa. Most massage parlors have massage artists that strictly tend to one client at a time. You also do not have the benefit of having not only yourself and your partner nude, but also your massage artist. This is what makes an erotic couple massage a form of adult entertainment.

When you book a couples massage, you’ll have the benefit of being in a completely private location. Most clients contact us to have their massages conducted at their homes or hotel rooms. You’ll have a beautiful massage therapist show up at a pre-designated time, and she’ll be completely ready to help you both unwind and let your inhibitions run free.

You’ll both be asked to strip down, and your massage artist will lead the way. You’ll obtain tips that you can use on your own to satisfy your partner when your massage artist is not there to provide you with the relaxation you desire. You’ll also find that a couples massage Las Vegas style often helps to boost relationships in the romance department. This type of massage is completely sensual, and you’ll be delighted at the after effects.

“I wanted to reach out to your company to give you a play by play of the couple massage my wife and I received. We are completely satisfied and figured you can pass along our words to those who haven’t had the pleasure of trying this fun activity themselves. It may help them make the decision to go head and book a session.

My wife Micheala and I were in Las Vegas because I had some business to tend to. She came along to check out the city since she had never been there in the past. We had a night to ourselves where my company didn’t have anything booked, so we decided, why not contact an adult entertainment company in the area to try out a couples massage.

Our massage artist showed up at our hotel room dressed in business attire to help blend in with the crowd. She discretely slipped into our room and encouraged us to make out with each other while she watched. This in itself was quite provocative and set the tone for what was to come.

Before we knew it, our massage therapist had slipped out of that business suit and bared her entire body right in front of our eyes. Instead of being shy about the situation, Micheala stretched out on the bed, belly down. Our massage artist got to work quickly. She rubbed down every inch of my wife’s body while I took in the scene before me. I have to say, it had me pretty hot and bothered, as well as jealous. I wanted to feel what my wife was feeling so badly!

Before I knew it, it was my turn. Our massage artist turned toward me and asked me to lie down next to my wife, also belly down. I was quick to comply.

She had a magical power within her fingertips because my muscles had never felt so rejuvenated before. My wife was watching the entire performance, and she slid behind our massage artist and used her nude body, along with the girl we hired, to slide back and forth over my body. It was the most bizarre experience I ever had!

Then, I felt something wet. The massage therapist brought out a special oil and said we were going to try some Nuru action. She slid back and forth over my body, then hopped over to Michaela and did the same to her. I can’t go into specifics about where this led us, but we cannot wait to contact you again when we head back to Sin City! We also aren’t swingers…but with this new knowledge and experience, we are thinking about delving into the swinging lifestyle and spreading the cheer to some of our friends!”