Cindi Explains Why NURU Is All About Technique

Hello all! My name is Cindi and I am one of the masseuses available for hire

Many guys wonder what NURU is all about and how it can benefit them if they decide to book an appointment. The technique used is extremely important so you get exactly what you desire. Here’s a bit about the process so you feel comfortable making an appointment for your own sexy session with me or one of my coworkers in your hotel room.

An Attachment With Your Provider

While your massage artist will do most of the work to make you feel amazing, you do have a part to do to ensure the process is everything you expect and more. That is picking out a massage artist that you feel a connection with. If you have this, you’ll be free to enjoy the movements she makes upon your body and you’ll find yourself responding favorably. If you don’t have that attraction with your massage girl, it is not as exhilarating of an experience. We have so many beautiful women to pick from. Each of them has a profile on our website so you can view their photographs and read about them before you make an appointment. When you see someone you desire, call, email, or text and await confirmation for your date.

Get Ready For The Experience

Before your massage girl gets to working on your body, you’ll want to relax and get to know her a bit beforehand. This helps with the connection you have with her. One way to do this is to go out on the town for a bite to eat or for some entertainment with a pretty girl in tow. She’s there to make you feel good about yourself, and she’ll soon be making you feel spectacular when she gets to kneading your muscles.

Saddle Up For The Ride

Your massage girl will have you strip down to nothing for your nuru experience. There’s no need to be bashful. She is going to do the same. You’ll love seeing her body right before your eyes and you are encouraged to touch her to get you ready for the massage you are going to enjoy. You’ll need to lie down on your bed, face down. A nuru gel is used for this massage technique. Because of this, it is advisable to have old sheets on your bed so you do not dirty the ones you sleep upon. 

Enjoy The Feeling To The Fullest

Your masseuse will use her body to provide you with a massage services you will remember forever. Your body is prepared with oil and your provider will climb on board. She will move her body back and forth, up and down, side to side, getting all muscles worked on. This is a sexual experience in addition to an invigorating workout. Any pain you had, will diminish. Any stress in your body subsides. Your focus will be completely on your massage artist and her body. Want to learn more? Call us to inquire about setting up a session with me or one of my coworkers now!