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Happy Endings for NURU Massage Las Vegas

real happy ending massage las vegas

Whether you are new or seasoned at hiring outcall services to provide sexy women for your pleasure, you may not know exactly what a "happy ending" means. You may have heard the term and had your suspicions, but are they correct? Here we will break down happy endings, teach you what a real happy ending massage entails, and help you select the experience that is most likely to lead you to this blissful state.

What Is A Massage With A Happy Ending?

The term "happy ending" has been around for many, many years. When you watch a movie with a happy ending, you leave the theater in a good mood, feeling as if you can take on the world. It gives a better perspective on life and makes you feel as if you can make a difference to humanity. A happy ending in a book gives the same results. What about when you engage your time with a partner though? What does a happy ending mean in this case?

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Personal Massage Artists Are Superior To Spa Businesses

cindi2 nmlvThere are several benefits of hiring a personal massage artist to tend to your body when needed. Many people contact a spa or massage parlor when they require relaxation and discomfort alleviation, however, these establishments have some rules in place that make it harder to obtain exactly what you are looking for. Read on to learn how a personal masseuse can take away the aches and pains while providing you with advantages you just can't get in a public setting.

The Pick Of Your Massage Provider

Many massage establishments will assign you to whichever available provider is on duty at the time you wish to have your session. In fact, you might not know who your masseuse is until you show up for your appointment. With the uncertainty about who will be touching your body, it isn't always easy to get comfortable when the time comes for your turn on the table. Hiring a personal massage artist is easy and you have the advantage of picking out exactly who will be doing the work well before it is done. Each available massage artist has a profile available on our website, giving you the opportunity to check out their appearances, credentials, and personal information. You can then pick out someone that interests you, making it more likely you will be completely relaxed and ready for the experience she is to provide to you.

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Juniper Is A Lady's Woman

juniper4Hello there, friends! My name is Juniper, and I am an escort who specializes in giving massages to my clients. I am not only available to men, I am also a favorite among the female population in the area! I have one client who makes sure she gets her sexy massage every single month. I have been providing them to her for well over four years, and I do not foresee stopping anytime soon! Here is what happens when my client and I get together.

I Am Instructed About Desires Before The Appointment

My client will call me about a week before she arrives in town for her massage. She will let me know if there are any specific details I should have prepared for her session. Sometimes she asks me to wear particular clothing and others she will request that I bring along a special oil to try on her body. We have tried role-playing many times when we get together. It is so much fun and it makes the session so more interesting for us both!

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Ella Goes Abroad

ella3I'm Ella and I'm an escort who loves being there for my clients. I've been told I'm a compassionate woman, and I have to agree because I tend to think about my clients even when we aren't together. I have a lot of repeat clients and if you book a date with me, you will figure out why! I'd like you to be a repeat client as well. Read on to learn about a date I had with a client that led me to another country.

My Client Intrigued Me From The Start

I received a phone call from a gentleman who asked me if he could book me for services that spanned several days. As a first time customer, I wasn't sure what to expect. Did he want me all for himself for that long without even meeting me? I told him I would be happy to comply, but that we would need to have a meet and greet first so I got to know him better beforehand. He was understanding and we actually met up that evening. I was wondering to myself what would be in store for me if I was to stay with one client for a long amount of time. Would he be happy with my services? Would I be able to keep him entertained for that long?

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Cindi Explains Why NURU Is All About Technique

cindi2 nmlvHello all! My name is Cindi and I am one of the masseuses available for hire. Many guys wonder what NURU is all about and how it can benefit them if they decide to book an appointment. The technique used is extremely important so you get exactly what you desire. Here's a bit about the process so you feel comfortable making an appointment for your own sexy session with me or one of my coworkers.

An Attachment With Your Provider

While your massage artist will do most of the work to make you feel amazing, you do have a part to do to ensure the process is everything you expect and more. That is picking out a massage artist that you feel a connection with. If you have this, you'll be free to enjoy the movements she makes upon your body and you'll find yourself responding favorably. If you don't have that attraction with your massage girl, it is not as exhilarating of an experience. We have so many beautiful women to pick from. Each of them has a profile on our website so you can view their photographs and read about them before you make an appointment. When you see someone you desire, call, email, or text and await confirmation for your date.

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Chocolate Is Not The Only Valentine's Day Gift

felicia1Valentine's Day is known for the universal symbol of love...the heart. When this great holiday rolls around, symbolism comes into play in abundance to show recipients of gifts that your intention is to keep them close to you. There's usually no mistaking when someone loves another, but if there is doubt at all, try using one of these ideas to convey your message appropriately. If you are currently not in a relationship with another, you can still try these points in an attempt to win over another, so they become your permanent love interest.

Place Treasures In A Box To Give To Someone You Care About

You can usually find heart-shaped boxes at craft stores, and they are relatively inexpensive. They are usually available in glass, plastic, or wood mediums. Pick up some paint or craft supplies and decorate the box you select so it is personalized to your liking. You can place your initials and your partner's initials inside the heart to signify your connection. You don't have to be elaborate with the gifts you place inside your box as the heart itself will show the meaning of the gift to the person receiving it. Think small stuffed animals, costume jewelry, or other trinkets. You can even write out your own "coupons" to give to your partner giving them a free massage or free cuddle session with you in front of the television whenever she wishes. 

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How To Ease The Holiday Tension

ella1When the holidays role around, so does an increase in stress, tension, and/or depression. The holidays tend to make people a bit crazy, and knowing how to deal with your surrounding actions is important so you don't become overwhelmed. Here are a few things you can try to ease holiday tension this year.

Know When To Say No

It's tough to tell people no around the holidays. After all, this is a time of peace and joy, and people will likely reach out and want to spend time with you. Know when to say no, however. If you feel like you are becoming overwhelmed, it's time to step back and take some time for yourself. If you aren't happy, others around you will pick up on your mood and it could spill over to them as well. Don't do this to your loved ones! Instead, decline events that you really can't afford the time to attend or ask for a rain check for a time when you are less busy. 

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The Benefits Of Body To Body Massage

leahv3Body to body massage is a bit different from the traditional massage session you tend to get in spas. This type of massage is not offered in regular massage establishments, therefore it is necessary to hire one of our masseuses to come to you for the experience. Here are some benefits you'll be taking in if you decide to book a session with one of our beautiful women.

Beauty That Goes Beyond Normal

Before you have a body to body massage, you need to find a partner who is willing to give you this type of experience. If you aren't currently in a relationship with someone who can provide you with this service, you have the option of calling us to hire one of our gorgeous escorts to do the job. Each of our women is trained in massage and will use the skills she has learned to make you feel your best. Select the exact masseuse you want to give you your body to body massage via our website, and we will make sure she shows up on time to start the procedure.

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Try Something New

glaucia4If you partake in the same activities day after day, it is likely you will at some point become bored. People need to spice up their lives with the trying of new things, the meeting of new people, and a change of atmosphere. If you are ready for the challenge, contacting us for an exciting Nuru massage may be exactly what you need to discover something totally out of the ordinary.

Getting Ready For Your Session

The first step in getting a Nuru massage is to pick out your personal masseuse. This is an easy task as we provide information about each of our women right on our website. Take a look at the profiles provided, read some interesting features about each lady available, and take in the pictures to help you decide what look you enjoy most. Reach out to us to book a session with the lady of choice, and we will make sure she shows up on time according to your schedule.

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6 Secrets to Making the Most of Your Time in Vegas

cindi5 nmlvIf you have a Vegas trip in the works, it is likely you will want to budget your time appropriately so you can take in all the sights and sounds possible during your stay. Knowing when and where to go can help. Here are six secrets to help you spend your time wisely when in Sin City.

Take Time To Rest

Since there is so much to do in Las Vegas, it is easy to become exhausted if you take on too much at once. Make sure to allow time for relaxation so you can revive yourself for the next excursion. A soothing massage, trip to a spa, or dip in a pool can revitalize your body when you feel overwhelmed. Make sure you get enough rest at night as well.

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A Massage in Your Room is Worth Two in the Spa

gabrielle4 nmlvHave you ever gone to a spa to get a massage? The whole ordeal is rather pleasing, you'll be pampered and feel your stresses disappear as soon as someone kneads your muscles. There is, however, something big missing from this. There is no intimacy whatsoever. You are just a number needing some rubbing. No one could care about your feelings, your hopes, your dreams. You are there to get a massage, and that is it.

Getting an in-room massage is a whole other story. You don't feel like a number just waiting for their turn at the massage table. You aren't embarrassed to speak up and talk to the person performing your massage session. In fact, your masseuse will go above and beyond in making you feel like number one the entire time you are enjoying her touches.

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